Other organizations we love

The people, united, will never be divided!

There are so many awesome national and local organizations we love. Some are new, like us, and some have been doing amazing work for years or decades. Check 'em out!


WHARR - the Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights working group of #GetOrganizedBK

WHARR is fighting against Donald Trump’s sexist, retrograde vision of America and the threats he and his administration pose to reproductive justice and women’s health. They are also committed to pushing the New York State government to pass laws that protect women and their reproductive freedom, particularly the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which would improve NYS’s surprisingly outdated abortion law.

In addition to their major efforts on the RHA, they are working to fight abortion restrictions in federal policy, protect the Affordable Care Act, support Planned Parenthood and other providers, save federal funding for programs like Title X and Medicaid that advance women’s health, and push for other state legislation to protect women’s reproductive rights.

love trumps hate sunset park.PNG

Love Trumps Hate Sunset Park

Love Trumps Hate Sunset Park started in November 2016. Check out their Facebook page!



Indivisible Nation BK

This group is amazing! Really, they're up to so much good stuff, you should just go their website right now:



Women's March Action Club NY

Women's March Action Club NY is an intersectional Brooklyn-based organization turning angst into action. They strive to make activism a daily habit through grassroots organizing and direct actions. They focus on building relationships with local representatives in an effort to reinforce a progressive agenda. Check 'em out: https://actionnetwork.org/groups/womens-march-action-club-nyc