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Our mission:

Persist81 is a Brooklyn-based grassroots organization disrupting the usual order of local politics by getting our neighbors and communities engaged in the political conversation, holding our local, state and national Democratic leaders accountable, and pushing the progressive, feminist agenda forward to a more inclusive and participatory future. 


Our history:

We formed in Brooklyn after the Women's March in January 2017, originally as two groups, Brooklyn Persists and Huddle 81, who later joined forces; many of us had never previously attended a protest or taken political action outside casting a ballot. We know that knowledge is power, and some of our group events help us educate ourselves.

Get in touch with us at, subscribe to our newsletter (below), and find out about our upcoming actions and next meet up! We've been involved with voter registration, advocating for the Reproductive Health Act in the NY legislature, and #noIDC actions. And...we have a book club! (sort of!)